Windows (XP/Vista/7/8)

Official builds

Unofficial builds

These builds are made by members of the community and are usualy more recent than the official builds. They contain more features and improvements at the cost of some stability.

Extract the zip package somewhere. Run the executable found in the bin/ folder. Also see the Getting started page in the wiki.
If you have problems, see this forum thread.



If you have packaged Minetest for another distribution contact us so that we can link it.



There is a FreeBSD port.
However, the Minetest Port for BSD is rather outdated, so we also need a maintainer for that too.

Source code

The Minetest engine source code is at github
You may also want common and a game like minetest_game, build, or survival.
Put common and the game(s) in your games directory.

See README.txt for details on how to compile.

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